Town of
Lagrange, Maine


5791 Bennoch Rd., P.O. Box 40
Lagrange, Maine 04453
Phone: (207) 943-2085

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday & Wednesday: 3PM – 7PM
1st Saturday 9Am – 11AM (Sept – May)

Tuesday & Wednesday 4PM – 7PM

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Welcome to LaGrange!

The Town of LaGrange was incorporated in 1832. It was carved out from the Hammond and Oxford plantations. In those days, there were many logging operations and seed potato farms.

The railroad that ran through the town made moving product less of a burden. As time passed, more people settled in LaGrange and started farms. Many of these farms are gone now, but their remains can still be seen in the rock walls, old cellars and water wells scattered throughtout the town.

Today the town is a small, close knit community of approximately 700 residents, many of whom are 2nd, 3rd and even 4th generation LaGrange residents. We all enjoy the simple, small-town life where everyone knows who their neighbors are and are eager to help one another out when needed.

Access to the City of Bangor, where many LaGrange residents are employed, is twenty-five minutes away. Bangor is home to an International Airport, Hospitals, shopping and entertainment.

​There is a great sense of pride in this small, yet humble town we all call home. If you happen to be passing through, slow down and see for yourself how nice small-town life can be. Visit the general store, where you’ll hear stories about and see pictures of the town from “back in the day.” We would love for you to visit.

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Applications are available online or can be picked up at the Town Office from 3 – 7 pm Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Please bring a valid ID and pertanent information relating to your request for assistance.

Applications will be processed on Tuesdays from 5:oopm to 6:00pm

If you have an emergency that cannot wait, please call 207-944-2319, leave your full name, date of birth and a good return phone number. Alternatively, call 207-943-2993. Please use these number outside of normal town office business hours only

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